Spring Cleaning Checklist for Pet Parents

As part of your household, it is inevitable that pets contribute to the mess. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to address the fur, stains and occasional odors.

Pet Hair:

Pet fur is one of the biggest contributors to the mess. You need a good method of removal which can include a high-quality vacuum cleaner as well as a heavy-duty lint roller or a reusable fur-removal lint brush which can be used on furniture. 

Bad Odors:

There can occasionally be some unpleasant smells that can linger around the home. A throw-on furniture cover is a great place to start because it protects your bed or couch and can be washed easily. Pair that with a pet-safe fabric spray, and you can keep your home smelling fresh.


Whether due to accidents or just dirty paws, stains are a common occurrence. However, it is important to choose non-toxic stain fighters like vinegar or an organic stain-remover. Soaking the stain followed by vacuuming should have the spot looking good as new. 

Toy Clutter:

Toys are plentiful in most homes but can make it feel more cluttered. Pet-friendly organization is the key to this problem. Finding a bin or basket that is open on the top is an easy way to make sure all their toys stay in one place, but they can still access them.

Bed & Bowls:

And lastly, you’ll want to thoroughly clean their essentials – the bed and dishes. When washing each, use mild soaps with no dyes or fragrances, or a soap made especially for pets to help prevent allergic reactions.

These easy tips can be easily integrated in to your spring cleaning checklist. 

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