M Winehouse, a quaint Wine Bar, sits nestled in the heart of Little Italy and has two dogs that are often there greeting guests. Entrepreneur and owner Ruth Melero followed her dream and opened a beautiful pet-friendly space with great atmosphere that offers international wines, specialty drinks, beers and bubbles for locals and tourists alike. When she is not working, she enjoys pampering her two loves, Jack & Russel. She shares why they bring sunshine to her life.

What pets do you currently own?
I own two beautiful dogs, JACK a Jack Russel Terrier whom I love and have had for 8 years and is probably the gift that has made me smile the most in my life! In recent months, I rescued what I thought was a second Russel Terrier and to my surprise is the cutest looking mutt in the planet, his name is RUSSEL. We thought he was a Jack Russel, but boy did I get a surprise! He started small, but now he is tall, adorable and furry, but who knows what he is!

How did they come to join your family?
Jack came to me as a gift and Russel was a rescue. I have friends that rescue dogs from Tijuana and this was one of them; it is always good to give a loving home to an animal whose future is uncertain.

What is the funniest thing that your pet does?
Jack imitates an ambulance (literally makes the same noises) and makes skateboarders jump off their skateboards and walks away. He is spoiled, he understands everything you say, I sometimes think he is human! Russel finds joy in anything that is made of wood, starting unfortunately with my baseboards.

Any special locations or activities your pet enjoys?
We love walking the Embarcadero and enjoying the various dog-friendly parks throughout San Diego. I love how instantly regardless of the age difference, both dogs get along, they play all day. I could not imagine my life without them, animals bring an unexplainable joy and laughter to your life. I love coming home after a long day at work to two wagging tails that all they want is to see you. Jack & Russel are a true blessing.

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