Attention San Diego cat lovers!.

San Diego loves its cats and with so many that are looking to find a forever home, there are businesses and local non-profits who are being creative in promoting cat adoptions.

Cat Café. The concept of cat cafés started in Taiwan with the idea that customers can enjoy a coffee and quality cat time where many small apartments and city living does not allow pets. In the heart of downtown San Diego sits The Cat

Café who seeks to encourage animal welfare and adoption while highlighting the benefits of animal companionship. Each cat is available for adoption from the San Diego Humane Society.

The non-profit Friends of Cats is celebrating Cinco de Meow on May 7 with a big fun and festive adoption event in East County. Free admission to a day of fun and promotion to help cats find forever homes, but make sure to bring your Mexican sombrero.

At Bone Appetit in Ocean Beach you can shop and adopt a cat at the same time. They work closely with the county shelters to match loving, homeless animals with their forever families in permanent, loving homes. The store offers all of your shopping needs to keep them clean, happy and safe.

Always remember adopting cats requires more than providing food, water and shelter; the cat needs to feel safe. Even though they are very independent they do need to be fed, litter changed, fresh water and given love. A cat adds warmth, happiness and love. If you can make the commitment, a cat can enhance your life in ways you never even imagined.

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