Happy 2016!

Bounding with energy to start 2016, we present to you the Winter Issue designed to help you have fun with your pets and experience all that San Diego has to offer. Winter brings events throughout San Diego that help you keep active with your pet, as well as a fun experiences where your Fido can join you.

The San Diego Humane Society has a handful of events throughout the year and with great pride we have on this month’s cover, Dr. Gary Weitzman President and CEO who shares all the amazing things they are doing in saving animals, as well as fun stories about his own pets! We are all about celebrating and saving animals and recently, we enjoyed a fun morning on FOX 5 Morning Show supporting our 2- & 4-legged military service animals! We also helped keep pets and their families together by partnering with the San Diego Food Bank and Veterinary Specialty Hospital for a Holiday Food Drive.

Wishing you and your furry, feathered and fishy (and any others we failed to mention) family members all the best for 2016!

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