Meet three dogs who bring sunshine and happiness to their families. Otto gravitates more towards people than dogs.

Otto loves doing the usual dog things, but does not always like being other dogs. Even when he is at a dog park, he prefers to sit by his owner than be with the other dogs. Otto loves women! The only men he gravitates to are within his family.

He also enjoys sitting on the couch watching TV, but he is always up to play.

Who can resist Marley a Yorkie / Jack Russell Terrier who is almost 7 year old. “I feel Marley is an old man in his little 16 lb. body! He is so smart. He is my little buddy and goes with me as many places as I can possibly bring him! He is such a proper gentleman while we are out, people don’t even know he is there, but when he is seen, he melts hearts,” Melyna tells a pet’s life magazine.

The sweet-natured cocker spaniel Frida is as playful and loving as Otto and Marley. Frida loves people and other animals. When she sees the dogs in her neighborhood, she will run around chasing them. She also likes jumping on things, including visitors to the house! Frida also loves when her owner’s mother takes her on walks in the mornings, but also is very relaxed while watching Family Feud in the evenings and has her own seat on the sofa that she takes naps on.

These sweet-natured, happy, gentle, and playful pets all share the same love to travel and they love traveling on the pet-friendliest airline, Southwest Airlines.

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