Do you have cat allergies but would really like to adopt a cat? Here is a list of 7 non-shedding cats, but always make sure to spend time with the cat before you adopt to ensure your allergies will not be a problem.

1. Siberian – Siberian cat has a reputation for being hypoallergenic and an affectionate and playful breed. The thick coat needs to be brushed a couple of times a week to prevent tangles and the coat will shed seasonally in the spring and fall. It has an oily and water-resistant coat.

2. Burmese – an extremely friendly breed full of energy and playfulness. The silky coat of the Burmese does not shed and is easy to groom with weekly brushing.

3. Bengal – a highly active, curious and intelligent breed. These cats shed very little due to their soft, short coats that cling to their bodies which should be brushed weekly.

4. Colorpoint Shorthair – Communicative and loyal, these cats like to stay by their owner’s side. Requiring minimal grooming, occasionally using a rubber brush should get rid of loose hairs.

5. Siamese – enthusiastic and smart, this breed likes to be entertained and loves quality time. Use a stainless steel comb weekly to maintain their coat.

6. Sphynx – with lots of energy, these cats are loveable but sometimes get into mischief. As they are mostly hairless, they require frequent bathing.

7. Bombay – a family-oriented breed, these cats tend to bond closely with those who care for them. Weekly brushing of their fine, silky coat is recommended.

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