One loveable family

Animal Rescue Crusader and Philanthropist, Mary Drake has always been passionate about animals. From a young age she has shown nothing but love and compassion for them and we are proud to feature her on the winter cover and for you to get to know more about her and her adorable pets.


A Pet’s Life: How many pets do you own?
Mary Drake: We are currently owned by two Yorkshire Terriers and two cats. My almost 11 year old Yorkie, Sophie came to us when we were in the middle of a remodel. Not a good time to add a puppy to the mix, my heart did not understand this, thankfully my husband did, so against all common sense telling us no, we said yes and brought her home. Best gift ever!!!

Our second Yorkie Sam, will be 5 on St. Patricks’ Day, similar story, I already had two dogs, Sophie and a mutt I rescued in México and I did not need a third! Sam’s owner had a job transfer to another state, could not take him and I came to the rescue. We all adore him, one of the funniest dogs you will ever meet; he makes us laugh.

The cats!! Oh my….Ted is 13, adopted him as a kitten in front of Whole Foods, a cat adoption agency was holding an event. Put my hand in his cage, he put his head on my hand, the rest, “history”- never asked my husband if he even liked cats, I just showed up with a little more than groceries.

Pascua, our other cat is now 8, rescued her in Easter Island, the most isolated place on earth. We had checked into the hotel when this tiny weeks-old, starving kitten came up to me purring. With no mother or litter mates in sight, my husband’s first comment was, “You are NOT bringing that cat home.” After several days of feeding her, I took her to the only vet on the Island, wired money for the next three months for her boarding, shots and flew her 5 hours from Easter Island to Santiago, Chile, since I speak fluent Spanish. I had the freight forwarder keep her overnight, in his home and the next day she flew from Chile to Dallas to LAX. I was there to pick her up. Now my husband ADORES her!

APL: Factors in our personal life that determines selecting our animal?
MD: Kindness is important since we have an 8 year old granddaughter. Our pets must be kid friendly and good with travel, since I enjoy taking them with me.

APL: Special adjustments to help our pets?
MD: Saving Pascua…I also have brought 4 dogs from Mexico and placed them all in loving forever homes, AFTER I got them healthy.

APL: How did you choose your vet?
MD: I of course want the best for my “kids.” Wind and Sea Vets, their updated equipment, the knowledge Dr. Dina Raichel, and Jean Spangel have accumulated is very reassuring. Sophie has major intestinal issues, so she is my “special needs” pet. We have spent many hours discussing her best treatments. It is a chronic health issue and I feel she is in excellent hands.

APL: What are your pets’ favorite activities?
MD: Our pets’ favorite activities are spending time with us. Always on our laps, lying next to us, just wanting love. Sophie is my walker, for a little dog it is amazing how far she will walk. Sam is a total couch potato. Likes to play with his toys, always loosing balls under sofas etc…stands there and barks till you retrieve them for him. He is the smallest of our pets, but has the biggest personality.
The cats, eat, sleep, and drive my husband crazy in his office, walk on his key pad, knock things off his desk, sit in his chair, so it always full of hair ! It is also Ted’s job to curl up on my husband’s arm when he does the crossword puzzle every morning. Their routines are predictable, very comforting.

APL: What are the funniest thing our pets do?
MD: Lots!!! Sophie growls at you when you move in bed, does not like to be disturbed when sleeping. Sam goes with the flow, as long as he is stuck to your side, does not care. He does have a fierce bark, charges when you arrive at our home, and then brings you his toys for you to play with him. One funny story, we had a workman at our home, I hear him yelling “Señora, Señora, el perro”, Sam the 5 pound Yorkie had him cornered,
would bite his ankles if he moved. Hilarious…. then there is the time Sophie comes out of the bushes with a rat in her mouth, looks at me, jerks the rat, breaks its neck, and brings it to me! Yorkies were bred to be ratters, amazing how that is still in their DNA.

I have always loved dogs, cats, and just about any animal. I support animal charities that give dogs or cats a second chance, please adopt!! So many wonderful pets need homes; I could not imagine my life without a pet in it.

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