By Lynn Bruns.

This year when you are making your travel plans, do not worry about leaving your furry family members at home. Southwest Airlines invites your MVPs – that’s Most Valuable Pets, of course -onboard for your next trip.

Thanks to Southwest Airlines’ pet-friendly products and policies, flying with Fido and Fluffy is simple and stress-free. Southwest’s pet fare ($95) allows small, vaccinated dogs and cats to travel in-cabin, under the seat in front of their owners. Your pets can cozy up in their carriers (remember to check size requirements) and count on an inflight experience that is just as comfortable as the one the human Customers enjoy.

They even have a Southwest carrier available for purchase (; $58) so your furry friends can hit the skies in style! Because pets travel on a first-come, first-serve basis, don’t forget to call Southwest to reserve a spot before your trip. On the day of travel, bring your canine or feline to the airport in an approved carrier and check in at the ticket counter.

Southwest Employees will be expecting you – and your pawed pal.

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