Summer 2016.


National Mutt Day

On July 31, pet lovers unite to celebrate National Mutt Day, a day of bringing awareness to the adoption of mixed breed dogs. There are millions of healthy and adorable mixed breed dogs sitting at shelters, looking to find forever homes. Join in the celebration and enjoy with your four-legged friend, Happy Mutt Day!


National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day

Remember to take their cats to the vet for check-ups! August 22 is Take Your Cat to the Vet Day, dedicated to bringing awareness in helping your feline friend to stay healthy and making sure they have an annual wellness exam. Remember it is important to provide regular veterinary care and not wait until they are sick to visit the vet.


National Food Safety Month

National Food Safety Month is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of food safety for pets. It is important to ensure your pets do not come in contact with recalled, contaminated food and treats. Pet food older than two years is most likely expired and should not be consumed and always make sure read the latest pet food and pet treat recalls from the FDA.

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