Canine Fitness Month

Get out there and put a spring in your dog’s step. Regular exercise is important to your dog for many reasons. It helps keep your dog’s joints and muscles healthy as well as help shed those extra pounds. Canine Fitness Month encourages us to take a step toward a developing a healthier lifestyle and bond with our four-legged family members.


National Heat Awareness Day

May 23 is National Heat Awareness Day, a great time to start prepping for the summer heat. Make sure to never leave a pet in a hot car and learn to recognize the warning signs of heat stroke. For example, if they exhibit panting, heavy breathing, elevated pulse or drooling contact your vet immediately. Cats never should be locked up in an attic or hot garage and make sure they have a place of shade.



Adopt-a-Cat Month

Your local animal shelters are filled with healthy, happy animals to need a loving home. Put your best paw forward by adopting a shelter cat. Your cat or kitten will be spayed, neutered, vaccinated, examined for good health and micro-chipped for identification if it does wander off.