National Pit Bull Awareness Month

National Pit Bull Awareness Day is a day in which we celebrate the love and compassion these dogs offer. Celebrating National Pit Bull Awareness for an entire month is a great opportunity for shelters and rescue organizations to highlight pit bulls for adoption, education and responsible ownership.


Pet Diabetes Month

Many pet owners do not realize diabetes can affect pets too, so learning that your dog or cat has the condition can leave you with many questions. November is set to bring awareness and help educate pet owners about the symptoms, treatments, and management of diabetes in our furry friends. The hope is to help pet owners recognize diabetes in their animals so they can seek appropriate treatment.


National Cat Lovers’ Month

Calling all cat lovers! December is National Cat Lover’s month! As if we need a month to celebrate the cats in our lives, but we all want to share the love with the felines in our lives. From helping a cat rescue by donating cat food to volunteering or giving your own kitties some warmth, there are plenty of ways to show your cats some love this month.