Local Wildlife.

Hey Kids, even though you may think that San Diego is a big city, there is still lots of wildlife where we live if you keep your eyes open and know where to look!

Mountain Lions are seldom seen, but present here in San Diego in the mountains.

The Bald Eagle is our national symbol, and if you have a keen eye, you just might spot one.

Mule Deer, with their long ears are a common sight usually at sunset or early morning.

Coyotes have adapted well to city life, but just because it looks like a dog does not mean you should approach it. Make noise and move indoors!

Quail with their signature crown feather and distinctive calls is often found in the brush.

Roadrunners, though not a natural enemy of the coyote, is a large bird that can eat lizards and even rattlesnakes.

If you ever come across sick or injured wildlife, contact Project Wildlife www.projectwildlife.org 

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