With Myron and Doreen Schonbrun.

Philanthropists Dr. Myron and Doreen Schonbrun have dedicated their lives to making a difference in our San Diego community. The passion they have for the community is the same they have for animals and their longtime family dog Lily. Recently, Lily passed away but before she did, we sat down with all three and spoke about how Lily had touched everyone’s heart.

How did Lily come to join your family?

We had been waiting for that special “ah ha” moment puppy when I was watching the Helen Woodward Pet Telethon. An adorable white puppy emerged with a black patch of fur covering one eye. My husband and I rushed over to meet the puppy, Lollipop, who was there with all her siblings, Lance, Lewis and Lucy. Lucy was hidden behind her siblings, and when she popped up to see what was going on, I picked her up and fell immediately in love. We renamed her Lily, one of my favorite girl’s names.

Tell us about Lily’s personality and the paw prints she left in your life?

We had the joy of having Lily in our lives for 10 years, not nearly enough. We laid her to rest, and her loss is deeply painful, she was our child. The irony is that Lily had many lovely human qualities. She was compassionate and sensitive if we were ill or in pain. She had an innate sense of who were the good guys and who were the bad guys. She was smart, picked up commands quickly and figured out a lot on her own. She was curious and a relentless explorer on walks. She had the most beautiful, soulful amber eyes that often locked with mine to express many emotions but mostly profound love.

What was the strangest or funniest things that Lily did?

We were told that Lily would be approximately 60 pounds. WRONG! She was over 120 pounds as an adult and after being genetically tested, we discovered that Lily was one half St. Bernard, one quarter Great Dane and one quarter Samoyed mix. She thought of herself as light as a feather. It was very funny how she would jump on the sofa to cuddle with us or lay across me in bed – sometimes a “crushing” experience. Lily loved people and on our walks at the beach, she would approach as many strangers as she could, lean against them hoping for a hug or some display of affection. Almost everyone was delighted to comply.

How would you like Lily to be remembered?

Lily’s disposition was serene and calm, she was also the most loving dog we ever had. She is mourned by all who knew her. We will hold her in our hearts forever.


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