A Safe Haven for All Creatures, Big & Small.

King Wolf Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit animal rescue founded in 2012 by Lauren Freiser in Ramona, California. Lauren had developed a passion for helping animals get a fresh start starting with a horse, Manolo before deciding to open the Sanctuary. Soon followed her experience with Wolfie, a wolf-malamute hybrid who was facing an untimely death due to the threat he presented to the community. Fortunately, Lauren stepped in, as she did with Manolo and many other horses, to save his life and kick-start her dream.

Nearly a decade later, and with a lot of help from friends and family, King Wolf Animal Sanctuary is helping rehabilitate the animals who make their way there and provides a “safe haven to all creatures, big and small”. They have rescued over 70 animals since their inception. While this typically includes farm animals and horses, they are dedicated to taking any animal that is a fit, even alpacas, and of course, Wolfie. Many of these animals have had hard, painful lives. Lauren and her volunteers strive to give them the love and support they need to find peace and happiness.

Lauren has dedicated her life to the organization’s mission and while it is a lot of work, she could not feel more fulfilled. Volunteers can also experience this amazing opportunity. The Sanctuary is always looking for warm-hearted individuals to help feed, water and love the animals. Many volunteers even find that in being part of healing these beautiful creatures, they also heal themselves.

To learn more or to donate please visit www.kingwolfanimalsanctuary.com or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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