There is incredible Biodiversity on our planet; that means different animals living in different places.

Can you figure out where each one lives?

__ 1. Lion. Though I am known as “King of the Jungle, you can usually find me in a grassland sleeping.
__ 2. Emperor Penguin. Though it is cold here, I never have to worry about Polar Bears.
__ 3. Giant Panda. I spend most of my days eating bamboo!
__ 4. Reindeer. Though some of us are said to fly, I am usually found on frozen tundras.
__ 5. Grizzly Bear. I can get to be pretty big and fierce! 900 pounds and 10 feet tall.
__ 6. Komodo Dragon. I am the only member of my family that hunts and eats meat.
__ 7. Ocelot. Although I may look like a house pet, I am best left in the wild!

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1.B, 2.E, 3.C, 4.G, 5.A, 6.F, 7.D