Meet Linda Katz and her dog, Charli.

a pet’s life magazine recently had a chance to sit with community activist, philanthropist and animal lover Linda Katz and got to talking about, what else of course, PETS.

APL: What pets do you currently own andhow did they come to join your family?

LK: We’re a one pet family – Charli, our 6-year old mini-labradoodle is our one and only. Our son, Jeff, researched many puppies online; found Charli through a breeder in northern California. Jeff followed Charli’s development online; we flew up to Oakland to pick her up, when she was old enough to be adopted. I am one of “those” empty-nest, crazy “dog ladies”.

APL: What factors in your personal lives were important in selecting your pet?

LK: We live in a small home without a yard or fence, so we wanted a small dog. We also wanted a dog that didn’t shed and was non-allergenic. It was also important to us to have a breed that was social; gets along well with children.

APL: Did you have to make any special adjustments to your home to help your pet?

LK: The only accommodation to our home was installing a doggie door and side dog run, so Charli is able to come in and out, as she pleases. We go for walks daily, so we both get our exercise.

APL: What are the strangest or funniest things Charli does?

LK: Charli loves a routine. She is a good walker; she has to be, as I am a fan of the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure, having walked in eleven 3-Days. Charli knows our daily route through Del Mar Village, which turns to take; where all the treats are along the way, including homemade dog biscuits at Stratford Café, & gourmet treats at Dexter’s Deli, is always a favorite! When we make it to Powerhouse Park on 15th Street, there is always a tug along the lease to head towards Dog Beach. Flexibility isn’t one of Charli’s strong suits; it’s hard to convince her to vary our route.

APL: Any special locations or activities your pet enjoys?

LK: We love living in Del Mar. We have a Dog Park just a few blocks away from home. Being relatively new to Del Mar, I have made many of my good friends visiting with neighbors, while our dogs played at Dog Park. I LOVE the beach – walking along the coast and Dog Beach. Charli loves to fetch and swim, whether in a swimming pool or the ocean.
Another thing we love about Del Mar is the pet friendly stores and restaurants. We often meet friends and neighbors at Hotel Indigo, Del Mar for Bow Wow Brunch or Yappy Hour. Another favorite is Sbicca’s patio, both with wonderful views. And Banana Republic always has treats for the pups.

APL: How has your pet influenced your support of animal charities?

LK: On my To Do List, is to get Charli certified so she can be a therapy dog. We would love to participate in the Love on a Leash program. Hopefully in the fall! Also, having a dog in Del Mar, has encouraged me to engage in Del Mar civic issues, to encourage and protect access to healthy, pet-friendly parks and play areas – one of the things we value most about Del Mar.

APL: Any other stories you want to share about Charli?

LK: We have awesome dog-loving neighbors. One day I came home to find Charli not in the house. I had a text from our neighbor, Cathy, that she had Charli at their home. Evidentially, the battery on our smoke detector had a short; was making a horrible high-pitched noise. Charli bolted over her dog run, into their backyard; preceded to go for a swim in their pool, headed through their doggy door, into their home and was there to greet the neighbors on their white carpet when they returned home. Lucky us to have such wonderful dog-loving neighbors! Reminded me of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – Charli style!

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