2020 was a tough year for all – a local husky named Kaia and her family were among those that had an especially difficult year. Just after her sixth birthday, Kaia had a medical emergency resulting in a collapsed lung. Her parents put everything they could towards getting their girl the care she needed but the estimate was more than they could afford. The primary earner of the family was laid off for 7 months during the pandemic. During that time, the family had been accumulating debt just to get by.
Determined to save their beloved pet, they reached out to the Foundation for Animal Care and Education (FACE) for help. The local nonprofit was able to provide a financial grant thanks to its animal loving donors and supporters. With financial assistance, Kaia was able to get the surgery she needed; the doctors removed approximately 2 inches of her ruptured lung which saved her life.
Now recovering with her loving family, Kaia is one of the nearly 3,000 pets saved by FACE Foundation and its supporters.
The new year looks bright for Kaia and her family. You can help save pets and keep families together in 2021 and beyond by making a tax-deductible donation to FACE: www.face4pets.org / (858) 450-3223.