Southwest Airlines.

Lucky Dog Animal Rescue teamed up with Southwest Airlines to help with relief efforts by flying rescue animals from San Juan, Puerto Rico to the D.C. area for adoption in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. In partnership with Puerto Rico animal rescue organization, PR Animals, Lucky Dog Staff and medical personnel from Friendship Hospital for Animals identified more than sixty animals from across the island in need of forever homes.

“The devastation that Hurricane Maria caused the communities of Puerto Rico is heartbreaking,” said Linda Rutherford, Southwest Airlines Chief Communications Officer. “Our Employees are eager to lend a hand in bringing relief to San Juan by transporting dozens of impacted animals to find their forever homes.”

“We are incredibly grateful to Southwest for partnering with us to make this flight a reality,” said Mirah Horowitz, Executive Director and Founder of Lucky Dog Animal Rescue.

The rescue flight also delivered more than 14,000 pounds of humanitarian supplies for distribution on the island. This is in addition to the more than 10,500 pounds of supplies the partners have already shipped to San Juan via Southwest Airlines Cargo®.

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