In 2007, I was looking to start my own business, so I spent some time thinking about what to do. Finally, I decided on a mobile grooming business. And, as luck would have it, I was in line at a gas station buying a soda, when I saw the perfect vehicle to start my business in a truck trader magazine.

It was an ambulance that was still in perfect condition. I called to see if it still was available and it was, so I headed to LA to get it. And just like that, the dream was starting to become a reality. I stared to put together everything that I needed to get my business up and running. However, it was not easy because it was all an experiment: from installing the 50 gallon water tanks in the ambulance, to setting up the water heater and all the equipment for grooming, it was so much work until it was ready to roll with my first business: Clean Happy Dog! Immediately, I began to receive many calls, so I was very excited. At that time, I was not a perfect groomer but I liked it so much that I learned fast, all by myself, like it was a gift that God gave me.

I worked very hard for five years in my mobile business, but in 2011, I decided it was time for the next step. One day when I was out driving, I found a beautiful property for rent. It was a lot of land in Bonita, perfect for pet boarding. So, I started my home-based business as a pet hotel and groomer. I named it Happy Dog Fun Farm.

I also started helping my friends from Perrito Munguia Rescue to foster homeless dogs. They rescued two moms with puppies that were found in the streets in Tijuana. The puppies, Shadow and Maggie, and their moms all got adopted out to beautiful homes here in San Diego. By 2013, my growing business was ready to expand into a shopping mall location, so I moved to another location in the same Bonita neighborhood.

Happy Dog Spaw was born in 2017. Located in the heart of Bonita, in the Vons shopping center, I found the perfect location for self-wash stations and full-service grooming. Today, Happy Dog Spaw is very popular and has a beautiful atmosphere where people bring their pets to get pampered (just like a real spa). Our self-wash stations are fully equipped for owners to give a convenient and comfortable bath to their furry best friends, without the hassle of cleaning up after!

Come see for yourself, Happy Dog Spaw is a real spa for dogs and our story is just beginning!