Happy Halloween!

Please keep these tips in mind to make sure you and your pet have a safe, fun holiday.

  •  Remember to keep sweets out of pets’ reach. Chocolate and other ingredients can be toxic to animals, so keep it somewhere they will not be able to get into it.
  •  Before Halloween, please make sure your pets are microchipped and wearing tags with current ID. Contact your local shelter immediately if your pet goes missing.
  •  Excessive ringing of the doorbell can make some dogs bark and raise their stress level. This Halloween consider leaving a note on your door that asks trick-or-treaters to lightly knock.
  •  Do not make your pet wear a costume unless you are sure they enjoy wearing one. A simple Halloween bandana can be a more comfortable option to a full costume.
  •  Make sure you keep your dog on a leash the whole time you trick-or-treat if you take them with you. Leashes save lives! A leash will keep your pets from running in front of a car, prevent them from eating dropped candy, and prevent dog fights.