Going on adventures with your pet is one of the best things about having a furry companion, but did you know that can include golfing? Luckily, there are several pet-friendly golf courses in San Diego including Emerald Isle in Oceanside, Fairbanks Ranch Country Club and Del Mar Country Club. If you are ready to hit the green with your four-legged friend, here are our top 5 tips for golfing with your pet for the best experience:

• Leash your dog. Keeping your dog leashed is a good way to protect them and other golfers. Plus, you do not want to disrupt someone’s game by running after your dog on the course.
• Bring clean-up bags. Golf courses are kept in pristine condition and as a guest, you are expected to do the same. Bring clean-up bags and make sure you take them to the designated areas to relieve themselves.
• Keep them hydrated. It can get warm out on the green, so do not forget to bring them their own water and bowl. Packing some food in case they get hungry is a good idea too.
• Make sure they are entertained. Bring along some of their favorite toys will help keep them occupied and out of trouble. That way they do not go running after every ball and critter that crosses your path.
• Go to the course when it is less busy. On days when you are going to bring your pet, consider going to the golf course outside of the busiest hours, so there are fewer people and it is less crowded out on the green.