CBD Dog Treats Can Transform Your Dog’s Life 

Any pet owner understands the desire to make their four-legged friend’s life as comfortable and happy as possible. 

FOMO Bones is a CBD dog treat company that was born out of that same motivation. Their mission was driven by Ziggy, co-owner Beau’s beloved pup and a near and dear friend to Mike, the brand’s other leader. The two were first inspired to find a solution to help Ziggy lead a better quality of life when she was diagnosed with cancer, Adenocarcinoma specifically, in late 2017. They turned to CBD, using dog-friendly samples from their other CBD company Sunday Scaries, to help her find some relief from the side effects that were taking a toll on her life. Almost immediately, she began to seem more like her old self. It helped address the pain she was experiencing, improved her appetite and allowed her to sleep better. 

The treatment also had an additional positive side effect that would help Ziggy feel better. Before, she would always suffer from separation anxiety, or FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out, whenever they had to leave her home alone. When using CDB, she became calmer and more at peace when they needed to attend a humans-only event. This not only improved Ziggy’s days but eased their guilt about leaving her alone. 

While Ziggy passed away last year, her legacy lives on in Beau’s and Mike’s hearts and in FOMO Bones. In their own words, they wanted to create “a company that might make you laugh from time to time, that also happens to have products that can change your dog’s life”. They are dedicated to providing high-quality dog treats that your dog will not only enjoy but will benefit from. FOMO Bones’ treats are made using CBD sourced from family-owned hemp farms in Colorado. As dog lovers themselves, they also understand the challenges they face every day, from waiting long hours for their owners to return from work to loud noises and life-altering disorders. FOMO Bones is a safe, natural, dog-approved solution that can help your pet overcome stress, anxiety, and even physical pain to live their best life. 


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