APL Magazine had the chance to sit with Sally W. Ashburn and discuss her involvement with Extraordinary Ballroom, founded by Terry Jordan.

APL: What inspired you to take dance lessons at Extraordinary Ballroom?

SWA: My husband, Dr. Bill Ashburn, passed away in 2004. We were both very supportive of local charities. Given the correlation that’s been established between exercising the mind and body, taking dance lessons at Extraordinary Ballroom and having 100 percent of my fees donated to charity made Terry’s studio ideal.

APL: Extraordinary Ballroom is dedicated to giving back to our philanthropic community. What inspired you to give back to Helen Woodward Animal Center?

SWA: I have always had pets. After losing my last two dogs about five years ago, I saw Molly promoted on the Helen Woodward website. I went there and was very fortunate to welcome her into my home. When Terry asked what charity I wanted my dance fee to go to, Helen Woodward was the perfect choice.

APL: Have you followed the story of Extraordinary Ballroom in Giving Back Magazine?

SWA: I read in the May issue of Giving Back Magazine about Terry establishing Extraordinary Ballroom for charity. A Pet’s Life is an equally wonderful way to showcase what he hopes to achieve, and I enjoy reading his student’s stories each month. Therefore, when he asked to tell Molly’s story in Giving Back and A Pet’s Life, it was a perfect fit.

APL: Are there any special locations or activities Molly enjoys?

SWA: Molly keeps watch over the neighborhood from the front bay window of our home. She is the perfect companion for me, and we enjoy our strolls through the neighborhood and visits to La Jolla Shores to walk on the beach.

APL: What do you think is important for our readers to know about Extraordinary Ballroom and giving back to the San Diego pet community?

SWA: When, for one fee, you can take all the lessons or practice sessions you need to be confident on the dance floor, and 100 percent of your fee is donated to the charity of your choice, I believe the best choice a couple or person can make is Extraordinary Ballroom Dance Studio. I would particularly recommend Terry’s studio to wedding couples who want to prepare for their first dance.

Extraordinary Ballroom Dance Studio can be reached for more information via charityballroom@outlook.com

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