At Decker’s Dog + Cat in downtown La Jolla, they do not just love what they do, they love taking every extra step to ensure you have the best possible shopping experience. Owners Cody and Kensey Decker, who founded Decker’s Dog + Cat in 2019, carry all specialty pet food brands, fresh raw and cooked food, accessories and gifts, toys beds and much more. This boutique is the top shop for all your pet needs, and the service is second to none! We sat down with them to share their story.

a pet’s life magazine: Tell us about yourself and what inspired you open Decker’s Dog + Cat?

Decker’s Dog + Cat: We met in the pet industry and both have a huge passion and love for animals. After moving from Los Angeles a couple years ago, we decided La Jolla needed a new pet store that focused on nutrition and empowering pet owners to make the best decisions for their pets. In June 2019, Decker’s Dog + Cat was born.

apl: Decker’s Dog + Cat offers has such an amazing wide variety of food, treats, toys and more! What would you like your customers to know about the services you offer at your store and what sets you above and beyond?

DDC: Decker’s has it all! They tend to always say “we’ve got you covered,” but we pride ourselves in doing our best to help each customer, provide knowledgeable advice, and stock the newest high-quality items. Our store is packed with cool brands and unique items you will not find anywhere else.

apl: What are some of the most popular items in your store? What is a must have item you sell that all pet owners should have for their pets?

DDC: The accessory game is strong at Decker’s. Everyone loves browsing the cool collars and leashes (most handmade or custom), clothes of all styles and sizes (something most stores don’t stock much of), entire tables of bandanas and bowties, a wrap-around wall of treats, two levels of beds, and even 5 freezers with fresh foods!

apl: We have seen that giving back is important to you! Which pet non-profits are close to your heart?

DDC: Since kindness is so important to the Decker’s, it is not just the organizations, rescues, and shelters we partner with. It is your everyday person or situation who might need help. More than anything, we will lend a hand in any way we are able to. When the pandemic allows for people to feel safer, we look forward to hosting adoption events, small parties, and fundraisers again!