Kirra and Stockli.

APL Magazine recently sat with David and Camille Saltman as we talked about their pets, Kirra and Stockli.

APL Magazine: Tell us a bit about yourselves.

Camille and David: We are passionate about taking care of the planet and that includes our furry friends. Our business is focused on sustainable housing systems. David spent many years in Topanga with rescued horses, dogs, cats, chickens, fish and assorted reptiles. I grew up with German shorthaired pointers and Labrador retrievers. My Dad was the village family doctor and our house bustled with litters of puppies, and over the years an orphan baby groundhog, baby bunnies and even a wayward garden-eating goat!

APL: What pets do you currently own? How did they come to join your family?

C&D: Kirra and Stockli Weimaraner are our pet family members. We rescued both from Friends For Pets Foundation, a no-kill charity in Sun Valley, California, run by “Saint” Diane Monahan. The Foundation finds good homes for sporting breed dogs who are abandoned, mistreated, or left in pounds throughout California. We adopted Kirra and she then fell in love with Stockli. Needless to say we left with two dogs instead of one as we had intended.

APL: What factors in your personal lives were important in selecting your pet?

C&D: When we adopted, we were both running companies. I could do the two walks a day and David could take them to work, but we could not manage a puppy. Adopting an adult dog was the right decision – plus there were 50 who needed a home at Friends for Pets – the barking was deafening!

APL: What are some of the funniest things that your pets do?

C&D: Each morning while I’m getting ready, Kirra comes and drops a big bone shaped pillow near me. As soon as I’m done, she grabs the pillow, gives it a big shake and leads the way marching in front of me upstairs to the kitchen. I sing marching music and we tell her she is the ‘Bone Pillow Goddess’ doing the ‘Bone Pillow March’. Stockli brings a present when we come home – an entire towel, a magazine, a water bottle, his own leash – whatever is handy: he presents it as a welcome home gift!

APL: Any special locations or activities your pet enjoys?

C&D: The dogs love to hike in Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve and Stockli has great fun leaping through the waves at the Del Mar or Coronado Dog Beach. Anything that involves chasing chipmunks on Black’s Beach Road is a favorite pastime. They both could give greyhounds a run for their money and sometimes do!

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