Pets are an important part of everyone’s family, so of course we want to include them in our holiday celebrations. Here are a few ideas for how you can include them in all of your festivities throughout the upcoming holiday season:


If your pet is social, dressing them up and taking them trick-or-treating with the family is a great way to get them in on the Halloween festivities. Otherwise, get them a special treat like a cat-friendly dessert so they can join in when you are all snacking on the candy you scored!



There are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities your pet can partake in this Thanksgiving. Let your dog play touch football with the rest of the family or make a comfy space for them to snuggle next to you while watching the parade.



During Christmas time, there is no shortage of holiday snacks so try creating an advent calendar for your pet filled with safe treats. They can also tag along while looking at Christmas lights around the neighborhood or make an appearance in the family Christmas card.



Your pet can join in on the spirit of Chanukah by dressing in a holiday-themed sweater, getting a taste of their very own pet-friendly applesauce while you and your guests enjoy your own, or even getting the traditional eight gifts including some of their favorite toys and treats.


Whether it is something big or small, making your pet a memorable part of your festivities is sure to only improve your holiday season.