Get Your Pooch Ready for the Wild.

Have you ever wanted to bring your pup along for a camping trip but felt unsure of how it might work out? Here’s how to get your pooch ready for the wild.

Is My Dog Cut Out For Camping?

Before planning a trip, you need to figure out if your dog can handle “ruffing” it. If your dog is big on barking, they may not be the best companion for a peaceful experience. Consider your dog’s physique, capabilities, and grooming needs when planning a trip, especially one that involves hiking.

Boot Camp

Training is crucial for a camp-ready canine. For advocates of the leash, plan to bring a long rope to securely tie between two trees so your dog can have a “run” while remaining safely in your vicinity. The basic commands you should teach your pup ahead of your big adventure are “stay,” “come,” “lie down,” and “drop it.” This will help keep them on their best behavior around others.

Doggy Gear

Bring the usual dog-friendly equipment as well as bags, their favorite sleeping set-up, and a toy. If your trip includes backpacking, they can carry their own weight and will feel important when helping contribute. Canine backpacks strap around their chest and have pouches on either side. Your pooch should be introduced to the pack over the course of a couple of months.

Special Considerations

Pack a few things to “doggify” your trip. Perhaps they would appreciate a special campfire treat or some rubber-soled booties for hitting the trail. Also consider the tick and flea situation and bring along effective repellants, magnifying glass, and sharp tweezers to remove any offenders.

Now you’re ready to enjoy a weekend away with your best friend.

San Diego Dog-Friendly Camp Grounds

Padre Dam Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve –

The park allows two dogs per site at lakes 6 and 7 for exciting exploration.

Campland on the Bay-

You can bring two or three dogs to enjoy the beautiful breeze of the bay.

Lake Cuyamaca –

Your pup can experience the wildlife and scenery of Lake Cuyamaca on land or by boat.

Pinezanita –

With plenty of space to play you can roam the outdoors with your dog.

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