For many of us, our pets are our kids too, and that means that every dog mom deserves a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift. However, deciding what to give her might be challenging, so we are sharing some of our favorite ideas for the best Mother’s Day gifts for dog moms:

  • Mother’s Day brunch at one of San Diego’s many dog-friendly restaurants, like Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar, OB Noodle House, Ranch 45, or The Patio on Lamont is a great way to start off the day. Purchase a gift card and make a reservation on the patio for a lovely outing that she can enjoy with you and her fur baby.
  • If mom is more of a beach-goer, plan a picnic at Fiesta Island where they also have an off-leash dog area that you can walk and play at after lunch.
  • For the adventure-loving dog mom, make a reservation with Seaforth Boat Rentals and take her out on a boat for the day, just make sure you bring a pet-friendly life vest.
  • If she loves the finer things in life, take her and her favorite pup wine tasting at Eagles Nest Winery (or any others that allow dogs).
  • For a tangible gift, you could present her with something she will be able to treasure forever by giving her a keepsake that features her dog. Whether you choose a creative photoshoot by Westway Photography or treat them to painting their pet at Livejoy Creations’ Paint Your Pet event hosted on Saturdays and Sundays. Any dog mom will love the process of creating these memorable gifts just as much as the final result that she will get to take home.

Whatever you give your favorite dog mom this Mother’s Day, just make sure it is from the heart.