Rabbits are the third most relinquished animals to shelters. They are found abandoned in empty homes, running loose in neighborhoods and left in boxes in front of pet stores. San Diego House Rabbit Society is San Diego County’s largest rabbit rescue group and operates its own shelter in Kearny Mesa.

Their rabbits come from a variety of situations, some with severe medical conditions including Snickers, who had a jaw infection. Blizzard was left in an apartment with 20-some other rabbits with no food or water and Elway, a handsome little guy relinquished to a local shelter because he was not altered, was messy and aggressive.

Rabbits at SDHRS have a wide variety of stories but their current situations are all the same; they are now in good care and rely upon them to meet their daily needs and to find them new homes. That is where you come in!

If you are not able to adopt, volunteering to help rescued rabbits is a great way to help save lives and get your “bunny fix.” Most shelters, and all rescues, need volunteers to help care for their rabbits until they get adopted into new homes.
Volunteers care for SDHRS rabbits and support the shelter in a variety of ways. Rabbit Care volunteers work the morning shift to clean pens, feed them and set up bunnies to exercise. This gets them ready to meet visitors. Afternoon and evening volunteers attend to the laundry of bunny blankets, spend time interacting with rabbits needing attention and put bunnies to bed with their dinner salad and nighttime hay.

Once abandoned, alone, scared and suffering, SDHRS gives shelter bunnies hope. Hope for a future with a family who loves them, keeps them safe and cares for them as an indoor family companion. Can you think of anything better?

If you would like to volunteer with abandoned rabbits, contact San Diego House Rabbit Society at hrs@sandiegorabbits.org, or visit their website at www.sandiegorabbits.org and click on the Volunteer tab to complete the online volunteer application. They look forward to working with you to help our rescued rabbits.

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