Calling All Veterinarians!

The Foundation for Animal Care and Education (FACE) is on a mission to save lives. FACE’s Executive Director Brooke Haggerty has packed her bags and hit the road with FACE mascot “Bella.” Next stops: every veterinary hospital in San Diego County. FACE is a San Diego non-profit that works with local veterinarians to save lives of pets in need of emergency care. Out of over 200 San Diego veterinary hospitals, FACE has partnered with 115 to assist critically ill or injured pets through their Save-a-Life Program. Through outreach to new potential partners, FACE hopes to expand their Save-a-Life Program to ensure that no pet is left behind.

FACE was created in 2006 to prevent “economic euthanasia” – when pets with treatable yet life-threatening conditions are euthanized due to their owners’ financial constraints. Thanks to partnerships between FACE and local veterinarians, over 1,325 pets have been spared from euthanasia. Through the Save-a-Life Program, participating veterinarians discount their services by 25% for qualified FACE applicants, and funding is administered directly to the treating hospital if approved.

Vet outreach is now a priority of FACE. In 2015, FACE partnered with seven new hospitals, but there is much more work to be done. Brooke tells a pet’s life magazine, “FACE’s partnerships are vital in our efforts to save lives. We are excited to form new relationships within the community to make sure that no pet in need slips through the cracks. Together, we can eliminate “economic euthanasia” in San Diego.”
To learn more about FACE or to make a donation, visit or call (858) 450-3223.

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