January: Adopt a Rescued Bird Month.

Happy Adopt A Rescued Bird Month! There are thousands of companion birds that are abandoned each year and are in need of loving and permanent homes. This January we encourage you to consider adopting a bird or volunteering at a local bird rescue and giving of your time.

February: National Pet Dental Health Month.

Pets need dental care too! One of the most overlooked areas in pet health is dental hygiene so if you want to avoid health problems, visit your vet and have them check out your pet’s gums and teeth. Prevention is key so embrace National Pet Dental Health Month and take care of your pet’s smile.

March: Poison Prevention Week.

March 15-21 is a week to highlight the dangers of accidental poisonings to our pets. The ASPCA’s Poison Control center reports that prescription human medications were the top problem followed closely by insecticides and household cleaning items. Be aware and keep all potentially toxic substances up high or locked up.

(Image Courtesy of Veterinary Specialty Hospital)

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