JULY – National Mutt Day

Celebrate the unique individuality of mixed breed dogs on July 31st. On National Mutt Day, you can help raise awareness, adopt, or make a donation to your local shelter. Your participation can help some of the many mixed breed dogs left in shelters every year have a better life.


AUGUST – National Check the Chip Day

Losing your pet can be a scary and heartbreaking moment, fortunately microchips provide hope for lost pets and their families. National Check the Chip Day is August 15th and serves as a reminder to ensure that your pet is chipped, registered and that your information is current so you can be reunited.


SEPTEMBER – Happy Cat Month

September is Happy Cat Month. This month make some effort to ensure your feline friend is purrfectly content including new toys, a special treat, adding a scratching post for them to sharpen their claws, or even bringing home a kitten companion to keep them company while you are at work.


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