Thousands of children, senior citizens, and postal workers, among others, are unnecessarily bitten by dogs each year, often sustaining injuries. As this can be both traumatic and expensive, protect your pup and others by becoming educated about preventing dog bites during National Dog Bite Prevention Week from April 8th – 14th.



World Turtle Day
Tortoises and turtles face rapid habitat destruction, endangering their future. Join American Tortoise Rescue in raising awareness about these issues on May 23rd by educating yourself and your family. Learning more about having turtles as pets, reporting cruelty or sale, and more can help protect and preserve these beautiful creatures.


Adopt a Cat Month
June is Adopt a Cat Month, so it is the perfect time to bring home a furry friend in need. Following spring, or kitten season, many rescue kittens along with adult cats will be ready to find a new loving home and a family who is ready to grow with them.

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