Spring 2017.


National Heartworm Awareness Month.

Wildlife, region of residence, and more can affect your pet’s likelihood of getting heartworms. Whether you have a cat or dog, know the signs of heartworms and talk to your vet about a screening plan. A proactive approach is the best way to keep your pet happy and healthy!



National Pet Week.

Show your pet some love for National Pet Week, March 7th-13th! Pets come in all shapes and sizes from horses to rabbits or cats and dogs, but they all deserve an educated owner. AVMA’s Pet Week site will provide you with resources so you can be the best pet parent.



Adopt a Cat Month.

Bring home a furry feline friend during Adopt a Cat Month! Following the spring “kitten season”, there are lots of kittens and older cats just waiting to meet their new family. Stop by your local shelter and meet your new best friend that will make your house feel like home.


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