Spring 2016.


Pet First Aid Awareness Month

April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month, a perfect time to encourage and ensure that you have the skills necessary to take care of your furry family member. Your pet is surrounded by hazards, and these dangers sometimes lead to serious accidents, so take the time to learn pet first aid and save your pet’s life in an emergency.


National Heat Awareness

May 23 is National Heat Awareness Day which is a great time to start preparing for the summer heat. Make sure to never leave a pet in a hot car and also learn to recognize the warning signs of heat stroke. For example: panting, heavy breathing, elevated pulse, drooling are all reason to contact your vet immediately. Cats never should be locked up in an attic or hot garage and make sure they have a place of shade. Make sure to prepare for the summer heat.


World Pet Memorial Day

This June 23, remember the lives of all the pets that have touched your life and celebrate World Pet Memorial Day. Pets bring positivity to our lives with, great health benefits as well. Due to all the happiness they bring and how they form a part of the family, it is with great joy that we remember and honor the pets that made a difference in our lives.

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