Thinking of adopting a rabbit? Here are some fun facts about these adorable small mammals.

  • Rabbits are known for their insatiable reproductive habits. They breed three to four times each year. Each pregnancy produces three to eight babies.
  • Rabbits have a plant-based diet and do not eat meat.
  • Rabbits are very social creatures and enjoy the company of other rabbits.
  • The busiest time of day for rabbits is at dusk and dawn.
  • Rabbits have an excellent sense of smell, hearing and vision. They have nearly 360° panoramic vision, allowing them to detect predators from all directions.
  • Rabbits kept as pets should be offered shelter and hiding places. Without protection they will feel threatened.
  • It is beneficial for rabbits to start interacting with people, other rabbits and also other pets such as cats and dogs from an early age. Familiarity with other species will help rabbits develop into friendly and confident adults. Expose them to everyday sights and sounds too!

Above all, have fun with them and make sure to offer them limitless love. Hippity hop!

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