There is no arguing that kittens are adorable, however, senior cats are too, and there are several advantages to adopting one. If you lead a busier lifestyle, they can be a great match for you because they are typically well trained in litter box usage and other crucial habits. Additionally, they often require less attention and energy throughout the day, so they are okay being independent while you work. Since they are fully developed, you can usually get a close read on their personality before adoption to find your perfect companion. They have also probably interacted with other pets before.


Older cats are often less expensive up-front since they should have their immunizations and spaying/neutering completed. Adopting a senior cat does take some special consideration though. As cats get older, they may develop arthritis or conditions that make it harder for them to get around. However, these simple tips can help you prepare your home: 

  • Ensure the litter box is somewhere accessible
  • Make it easier for them to reach their favorite spots (a stool or pet steps are usually helpful)
  • If your cat has vision problems, add night lights to help them get around at night
  • Create a safe space away from other pets and children 

Adopting a senior cat can bring you both years of joy and plenty of time to make lasting memories. These mature creatures will love and appreciate being part of your home. 

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