Imperial Beach Surf Dog

Tubular! The Imperial Beach Surf Dog Competition had fearless surFUR dogs jumped on their boards and hang 18! More than 60 dogs participated in this family friendly event, which raises funds for the San Diego Humane Society.

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Hop To It

Have you been thinking about adopting a rabbit? If you have already adopted one, or you are thinking of doing so, make sure you know their needs and how to take care of them. As rabbits are extremely sociable and like to interact with humans, they can sometimes be misunderstood. Here are somethings you should know about these bounding bundles of joy:

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Pet Day on the Bay

Hornblower Cruises offers the only pet-friendly event of its kind in Southern California! Pet Day on the Bay served up a tail-wagging good time for dogs to cruise with their owners. Guests brought towels and blankets to benefit the homeless animals of the Helen Woodward Animal Center.

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Puppy Love

The 9th Annual Puppy Love 5K was a successful and fun event held at the Embarcadero! It was a beautiful day were vital funds were raised for orphan pets and the life-enhancing programs at Helen Woodward Animal Center.

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Make it a Date Summer 2018

JULY – National Mutt Day

Celebrate the unique individuality of mixed breed dogs on July 31st. On National Mutt Day, you can help raise awareness, adopt, or make a donation to your local shelter. Your participation can help some of the many mixed breed dogs left in shelters every year have a better life.

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Make it a Date Fall 2018

October - Pet Wellness Month

October is National Pet Wellness Month so take this opportunity to make sure your friends are living a full and healthy life. Schedule a visit to the vet, make sure their tags are updated, reevaluate their diet and integrate activities into their lives that keep them active both mentally and physically.

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Bow Wow Brunch

We are lucky to have the ONLY dog friendly Champagne Brunch Cruise in California here in San Diego! Dogs were invited to the exclusive Bow Wow Buffet at the 10th Annual Bow Wow Brunch Cruise. Pets and their owners helped raise funds and about orphaned pets at Helen Woodward Animal Center. Save the date for this year’s brunch on October 21.

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Children’s Nature Retreat

Children’s Nature Retreat in Alpine celebrated its 1st Anniversary with a fun filled party. Guests enjoyed an afternoon of games, special prizes, birthday cake and more. It has been a busy year and they now have more than 120 animals, two new Halfinger horses, a Sulcata tortoise and two desert tortoises, goats, peacocks and parrots that needed homes that you can see and feed when you visit! The Children’s Nature Retreat Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of children and their families.

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Make it a Date Spring 2018


Thousands of children, senior citizens, and postal workers, among others, are unnecessarily bitten by dogs each year, often sustaining injuries. As this can be both traumatic and expensive, protect your pup and others by becoming educated about preventing dog bites during National Dog Bite Prevention Week from April 8th – 14th.

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Make it a Date Winter 2018


National Train Your Dog Month

January is National Train Your Dog Month! Take this opportunity to learn more about the benefits of training for both your relationship and your dog’s overall well-being. Special events and videos will also be available to show how simple the process can be when you work with an experienced professional.

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