Pet Gift Guide

The holidays are here and these are a few ideas to spoil your pet.

The Pet Pass a faux passport for pets that contains individual passport pages to record travel destinations and adventures with their personal information, photo, microchip numbers, markings, and more.

For the Multi-Tasker Multi Reach Cordless Vacuum. It combines powerful performance with lightweight versatility, giving users the ultimate cordless freedom experience. From high-traffic stairs to cobwebs in corners, the Multi Reach is the perfect pick for your last-minute cleaning, wherever it may be.

Space Bed is the ultimate dog bed experience.

Harry Barker Dog Chew Toys-Plush and Canvas Chew toys

Hepper Nest Cat Bed-modern art-inspired cat bed for your friend to enjoy

Earthwise Pet- East Village’s one-stop destination featuring their own farmer’s market with the store’s tastiest, all-natural treats in a bold mix of bright colors creating a truly unique and stylish space.

Earthwise Pet-1896
Harry Barker Dog Chew Toys 1 -1897
Harry Barker Dog Chew Toys 2 -1898
Harry Barker Dog Chew Toys 3 -1899
Hepper Nest Cat Bed-1900
Multi Reach Cordless Vacuum -1901
Multi Reach Cordless Vacuum-1902
Pet Pass -1903
Pet Pass-1904
Space Bed-1905