Pampurred Pets

Spring 2016.

Here are some of the latest gadgets for your pets!

1. Fitbark: Monitors your dog's everyday activity and sleep and turns it into BarkPoints, so you can track progress.

2. Pet Tutor: Train your pet using a smart remote, it helps reduce barking, separation anxiety, fear and more. 

3. Petzi Treat Cam: App-controlled, wifi-connected remote pet treat dispenser and camera 

4. Whistle GPS Pet Tracker: Have your pet's location and activity sent directly to your phone. 

5. PetHub: Digital pet ID tags that you can scan by phone, safely & securely viewing your pet’s profile, and get in contact with you or someone on your trusted list. 

6. Petcube Camera: Stay connected to your pets when you are not at home. 

7. Petnet: Automatic feeder for dogs and cats that helps manage feeding times, portions and more. 

8. Astro Dog Tracking System by Garmin: Pet tracking system 

Astro Dog Tracking System-1235
Pet Tutor-1238
Petzi Treat Cam-1242
Petzi Treat Cam-1243
Whistle GPS Tracker-1244