Spring Forward

Spring is wedding season and the perfect time to dress your dogs for the occasion. And what wedding isn't complete without a buffet of treats? If not, Easter may be your thing- remember, not only bunnies hop!

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A Letter from Uptown Woofs!

My name is Nickie and I have been grooming and showing dogs for forty years. My family has been in the professional pet industry for three generations and now my daughter is the fourth generation to be in this wonderfully rewarding business. Doug retired from the advertising world and is now chief cook & bottle washer and playing with the dogs all day.

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So you finally decided it is time to explore the hobby of keeping an aquarium. Among the many questions you need to address before you begin is whether you want a saltwater or freshwater aquarium.

Saltwater aquariums can be complex, beautiful ecosystems with fish, live rock, corals and invertebrates such as shrimp, crabs or snails. The diversity and colors of marine life are amazing- from fish, to sharks, to shrimp, to coral, to jellyfish; if it is in the ocean, many times it can be found in a saltwater aquarium.

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Pet Tech

Pets today have cooler gadgets than humans. Here is the scoop on the latest in futuristic animal accessories.

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Building Your Own Koi Pond

You have been eyeing that empty corner of your yard for years thinking how beautiful it would look with a pond full of "living jewels," or Koi fish, aquatic plants, streams and waterfalls. Though the project is easy to do, proper planning and construction require effort and concentration. First, join a Koi club and go visit other ponds, learn and get an idea of what you want to create, and then begin to plan your own dream.

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America’s Most Popular Lizard

The Leopard Gecko

These brightly colored animals are a great first pet and beyond.

Caring for leopard geckos is a simple, fun and great way to teach children about responsibility and caring for another living thing.

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