Camping With Your Dog

By: Valerie Trumps for Pet360.

Have you ever want to bring your beloved dog along for a camping trip but felt unsure of how it might work out? Here is how to get your pooch ready for weekends in the wild.

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Understanding Dog Food Labels: The Ingredient List

Dog owners are concerned about the quality of their dog's food and their choice is often made based on the ingredient list. Unfortunately, labeling rules allow dog food makers to misrepresent the actual product: the first ingredient is not the major ingredient.

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Looking Forward to My Summer Vacation

When my Mom and Dad began talking about a summer vacation, I pretended to be napping but I listened carefully. I heard words like "road trip", "AirStream" (not sure what that is?) and "ocean". Then "August" was mentioned followed by "two weeks". I did not hear my name; would they actually leave me behind? How could they even think that after all the fun we had last year on our summer vacation? Dad said, "What about Jake?" Then Mom said, "He's coming with us, of course!" Ahhh! I can relax. Everything's going to be fine. We're going on vacation!

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Blessing of the Animals

People from all over San Diego brought their beloved animals to be blessed in a traditional ceremony. The Monsignor provided good wishes for the animals. Guests enjoyed a day filled with live music, adoptions and pet expo.

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Eastlake Village Veterinary Clinic

Compassion and first-class pet care have always been part of Dr. Ginny Bischel's, DVM, Eastlake Village Veterinary Clinic's (EVVC) services. Since 1987, when South County's pioneering animal hospital opened its doors, it has established itself as one of the most reputable names in veterinary care.

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Vegan Diets and Your Dog’s Health

For many reasons, dog owners are increasingly experimenting with non-traditional diets for their dogs. Homemade diets allow this flexibility, but well balanced homemade dog food is not easy to achieve. This is especially true for dog owners seeking a vegan alternative. The following medical case from the teaching hospital at Ohio State University is an example.

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Did You Know?

April celebrates: Pet First Aid Awareness Month
First Aid for Animals is important to learn and knowing how best to handle pet accidents and emergencies. It is critical to be prepared if your pet gets heat stroke, broken bone, toxic indigestion, etc. In the month of April join the local Red Cross or your local shelter and find out more about helping protect and keep your pet healthy in Pet First Aid Awareness Month.

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Pet Food Recalls

Why So Many Dog Food Recalls?

In just the first nine months of 2013, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) posted 31 recall and safety alerts for commercial pet food and treats. In 2012 there were 45 of these FDA alerts. Salmonella contamination or contamination risk lead the reason for recalls.

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SNAP's Neuter Scooter

"Fixing" Pet Overpopulation

A beautiful white pit bull arrives to the Neuter Scooter, clearly having had puppies quite recently. She arrives to the Neuter Scooter for her appointment to be spayed. Only 3 years old, her owner shares that she has already had 41 puppies. In those same 3 years, over 7500 pit bulls were euthanized in SD shelters.

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Five Ways to Turn Up the Fun When Winter Blues Set In

by Carol Bryant for

Cabin fever. Winter blues. Whatever you choose to call it, both humans and our dogs can get a case of the wintertime blahs. No need to fret, worry, pace or line the house with sunlamps. There are things pet parents can do in the name of dog to keep their pooch in tip-top mental and physical shape as winter envelops this time of year.

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