Put a scope in it!

Minimally-invasive surgery for pets.

By Seth Ganz, DVM, DACVS.

Nobody enjoys the prospect of having to undergo a surgical procedure. The possibility of pain and being kept from the activities we enjoy is plain scary. The same goes for our pets. As human medicine and surgery is turning to less invasive methods of diagnosing and treating various conditions, we are bringing the benefits of minimally-invasive surgery to our pets.

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Your Pets Aging in Place

By David Zeligson.

Gerontologists use the phrase "aging in place" to describe a senior person's capacity to remain in their own homes as they grow older, living independently, and safely while staying engaged. Since our lives are so intertwined with our pets' lives, I cannot help but think about how our pets age in place alongside us.

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Healthy Pets, Healthy Backs

By: Tammy Stevenson, DVM, DACVIM (Neurology).

Many people have personally experienced or know someone who has "put their back out". There is a sudden onset of pain and a feeling that you can't or shouldn't move. What most people do not realize is that our pets commonly experience this problem too.

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Ask The Vet!

Dr. Bischel - Eastlake Village Veterinary Clinic.

Knowing how and when to meet with your pet health care needs are essentials. As pet owners, we have all had moments when we wonder what to do. Dr. Ginny Bischel from Eastlake Village Veterinary Clinic answers all those popular questions.

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A Holiday Tale

by David Zeligson.

On a quiet street in Kensington, in a small, tastefully decorated home, a new family has recently moved in. Miles and Lisa relocated to San Diego shortly after being married. Ralph (Miles' best buddy, an English bulldog) and Sadie (Lisa's Maine Coon cat with whom she is inseparable) also share their home.

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Itchy and Scratchy

Autumn is a good time to remember that fleas, ticks and mosquitoes thrive in San Diego County and do not take time off in the fall or winter.

The diseases they carry can be challenging to diagnose and treat; many can be fatal, in people and our pets. Fortunately, all of these diseases can be prevented by regular use of veterinary products that prevent the bites of fleas and ticks.
Fleas prefer temperature and humidity ranges that San Diego provides throughout the year. Although flea numbers may be highest during the spring and summer, fleas are abundant and active all year and are fully capable of tormenting flea-allergic patients and transmitting tapeworms and serious veterinary and human bacterial diseases.

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Holiday Pet Safety

The holidays are a festive and fun time to share with families and your pets. But be sure you keep your pet safe with these helpful tips:

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Falling into Autumn with Your Pet

by David Zeligson.

Have you ever considered the impact seasonal change has upon your pet? Think about this more closely. As we transition from summer to fall, our patterns of daily living change. Our kids return to school following summer break. We become reinvested in our work following our own summer vacations and time off.

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Camping With Your Dog

By: Valerie Trumps for Pet360.

Have you ever want to bring your beloved dog along for a camping trip but felt unsure of how it might work out? Here is how to get your pooch ready for weekends in the wild.

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Understanding Dog Food Labels: The Ingredient List

Dog owners are concerned about the quality of their dog's food and their choice is often made based on the ingredient list. Unfortunately, labeling rules allow dog food makers to misrepresent the actual product: the first ingredient is not the major ingredient.

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