Fossils in San Diego

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Believe it or not, millions of years ago, many animals (some of them now extinct) roamed the area we call home! Just think- there were dinosaurs walking the land in Carlsbad. Hadrosaurs and nodosaurs roamed San Diego millions of years ago, and during the Ice Age 200,000 years ago, other animals like the Saber-Toothed cats and Camels called the area home!

Whether in the Anza Borrego Desert, or in eastern Chula Vista, or in Carlsbad near the raceway- even Mission Valley - there are outcroppings you can find fossils! Now, be careful because you can’t collect fossils in public parks, but you can on private property if you have permission.

Columbian Mammoth-1690
Saber Toothed Cat-1695