Local Wildlife

Local Wildlife.

Hey Kids, even though you may think that San Diego is a big city, there is still lots of wildlife where we live if you keep your eyes open and know where to look!

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Meet Maria Delgado

With Buddy and Zephyra.

a pet's life: What pets are currently part of your family?

Maria Delgado: We currently own Buddy, our black English Labrador Retriever who was a present for my daughter on her 7th birthday and Zephyra, our Bengal cat who was a gift from a friend.

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Summer is Here!

Summer is a fun-filled time for dogs with trips to the park, family outings and lazy days enjoying the sun. However, over-exposure to heat is one of the most life-threatening conditions your pet can develop.

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Kids Quiz


There is incredible Biodiversity on our planet; that means different animals living in different places.

Can you figure out where each one lives?

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Make it a Date - Spring 2015


World Veterinary Day.

On April 25, celebrate with your pet World Veterinary Day! In 2000, the World Veterinary Association created World Veterinarian Day to highlight and promote the lifesaving work performed by veterinarians around the globe done to keep pets healthy. So let's raise a paw to say thank you to your veterinarian. www.worldvet.org

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What In The World?

San Diego House Rabbit Society.

Hey kids- believe it or not, these are all real animals- can you figure out which is which?

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Make It A Date

Winter 2015.

January: Adopt a Rescue Bird Month. A great time to bring a new feathered friend into your home. There are many bird species in need of adoption. Energetic, fun loving, playful are a few of the many traits birds share with their owners. If you are looking to bringing an avian friend to your family, consider adopting. www.freeflightbirds.org

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