92101 Dog Solutions

Downtown San Diego start-up brings "a backyard alternative to high rise living pooches."

Entrepreneurs Tricia Crespin and Oscar Urteaga remember waking up in the middle of the night countless times because their dog, Teddy, needed to go potty. “My dog Teddy was born with a heart murmur and it progressed when we moved downtown,” Tricia tells a pet’s life magazine. “The medication he was taking acted as a diuretic, making him have to pee a lot.”

Like most dog owners who live in a high rise, they researched different options to have a dog pee patch that could be placed on the patio. “We tried every product and service we could find,” adds Oscar. “Nothing worked because all the products used artificial turf or soil-less grass, and our dog desired texture and scent of real, fresh grass.”

After months of trial and error, Tricia and Oscar created a 5 -layer pee patch that could be placed on the patio of their condo, using real grass. “We knew we had a business idea when our friends and neighbors started asking if we could replicate our pee patch and deliver it to their condos and apartments,” said Tricia.

92101 Dog Solutions was created as a solution to living in small spaces with pets. They offer a subscription service for San Diego residents who want a real grass backyard alternative for their dogs. For one low monthly price, your dog gets a fresh grass pee patch delivered to your apartment or condo every week. The best part? A member of their staff returns in person to clean and replace it for you on a weekly basis. No cleaning, no hassle, no worries!

When a pet’s life magazine caught up with Founders and Co-owners Tricia Crespin and Oscar Urteaga, here is what they had to say:

apl: How will 92101 Dog Solutions benefit me and my dog?

Residents of San Diego are very caring of their dog companions. At any given time, you can find hundreds of dogs being walked the various neighborhoods of downtown. However, there are situations when owners need a quick and convenient option to allow their dogs to use the potty and your living situation doesn’t offer a grassy backyard. 92101 Dog Solutions provides a clean, easy and affordable option for you and your dog with real grass delivery and clean up service.

apl: What size is the tray?

Our standard tray is 31”x 19”. It is the perfect size to accommodate dogs up to 25 pounds. Our XL version is 30" x 38"that can accommodate medium sized breeds. We also offer a XXXL version is 48" x 24" for very large breeds.

apl: Do I have to be home for the delivery?

Although we’d love to interact with you and your pooch, you do not need to be home. Simply leave the grass patch and the tray on your front door step and/or with your concierge. We will conduct the clean-up and place your new fresh grass pee patch on your front door step.

For more information visit www.92101DogSolutions.com

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