SNAP San Diego

Leading the Crusade against Animal Homelessness

The Spay-Neuter Action Project (SNAP) was founded nearly 30 years ago with a mission to help minimize the number of animals euthanized in San Diego. While their first efforts focused on creating a guide for local affordable spay/neuter providers, they have grown substantially. Now, SNAP focuses on preventing pet over-population by providing affordable services and raising awareness in low-income neighborhoods with their mobile surgery buses, or as they refer to them, Neuter Scooters. Thus far, they have been able spay and neuter over 60,000 animals, significantly reducing the number of homeless animals in our community.

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King Wolf Animal Sanctuary

A Safe Haven for All Creatures, Big & Small.

King Wolf Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit animal rescue founded in 2012 by Lauren Freiser in Ramona, California. Lauren had developed a passion for helping animals get a fresh start starting with a horse, Manolo before deciding to open the Sanctuary. Soon followed her experience with Wolfie, a wolf-malamute hybrid who was facing an untimely death due to the threat he presented to the community. Fortunately, Lauren stepped in, as she did with Manolo and many other horses, to save his life and kick-start her dream.

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Non-Shedding Cats

Do you have cat allergies but would really like to adopt a cat? Here is a list of 7 non-shedding cats, but always make sure to spend time with the cat before you adopt to ensure your allergies will not be a problem.

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Meet Brittany Alwerud from DogZenergy, the most innovative and trusted dog walking service in San Diego.

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Rehoming Doesn't Mean Caring Ends

In a perfect world, companion animals would spend their entire lives in one home. San Diego Humane Society strives to provide pet owners with the help and resources they need to resolve any pet issues they may be facing. However, there may be unforeseen circumstances that make it impossible for pets to stay with their families.

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FACE Foundation

We sat down with FACE Foundation’s Board President and founder, Cini Robb, at her Rancho Santa Fe home along with FACE Executive Director Danae Davis and staff members to chat about the organization’s life-saving work.

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