Second Chance Dog Rescue

Second Chance Dog Rescue is one of San Diego's largest and most successful non-profit 501c3 organizations dedicated to saving homeless dogs. All of our dogs are fostered in private homes where they are loved, evaluated, exercised and cuddled. They are socialized with other dogs and in many cases, children. This way, you get a good picture of the dog's personality and quirks. Many of our dogs are surrendered by owners for a variety of reasons: financial, illness in family, deployment or death. Often, surrendered dogs are purebred and fully trained. All of our dogs are spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccinations, and are microchipped before being adopted.

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Spring Cleaning for Your Pet

by Jessica Remitz for

As you dust off those mops, power washers and vacuums, be sure to add your pet's gear to your spring cleaning to-do list. Dogs and cats tend to be the bearers of major and minor messes, from fur on the furniture to paw-shaped mud tracks on the floor. So focusing on your animal companions could be the key to getting your home in shape for the spring season.

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Lionel Legacy

Saving ONE senior dog at a time

Are you interested in fostering a dog but aren't up for a rambunctious youngster? Consider fostering a senior dog like Lionel.

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Free Flight

Exotic Bird Sanctuary

Established in 1981, Free Flight has evolved into a one of a kind exotic bird sanctuary where birds and people interact. It has been Dr. Robert Stonebreaker's passion since his childhood. His love for birds started at the age of seven and he continued to engage in his life-long dream of creating that perfect sanctuary for all exotic birds. He committed his entire career to becoming a pioneer in avian veterinary medicine and providing a special and unique environment that would create awareness and encourage public interaction. Many unwanted birds have come to Free Flight have been given a chance to find a new life and that special home. We are open to the public to enjoy seeing and interacting with our parrots.

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Open Arms Rescue

Giving dogs a new start at a happy life

Open Arms Rescue is a non-profit dog rescue focusing on dogs in high kill shelters across Southern California that are in need of medical attention or have run out of time and would otherwise be put to sleep. They strive to keep these loving pets alive.

They also focus on Mexico where the number of suffering dogs is frightening. These dogs are typically starving and they provide medical treatment and then place them into foster homes. Being located close to the Mexican border, they travel to Baja at least three times a month on rescue missions.

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Paws for Thought

Helping Animals in Need

MEET LUIGI. His owner moved away and abandoned Luigi outdoors to fend for himself. Kindly neighbors, who were feeding him, noticed that he was always squinting. Luigi suffered from entropion, a condition in which a portion of the eyelid is inverted or folded inward against the cornea. Eyelashes constantly rubbed his eyes so that it hurt to open them. If not corrected, the damage to the cornea could eventually leave him blind. The neighbors called East County Animal Rescue (ECAR), a grassroots network of volunteers who are passionate about helping animals in need within the San Diego community.

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Teaching a Not-So-Old Dog an Important Lesson

When I made the decision to start my own pet care business, I knew that my work would encompass activities other than dog walking, pet sitting and in-home visits. Given my extensive background in corporate education and adult learning, it is also important that my business be a credible informational resource for pet parents.

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Fostering New Beginnings

Short-Term Stays Make a Long-Term Difference

Sarah Thompson is no ordinary mom — she's a San Diego Humane Society "foster mom" to four tiny puppies who were abandoned in a parking lot at just 8 days old.

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Pets and Parkinson’s

By Karen Jensen, Parkinson's Association of San Diego

Parkinson's is a neurological disorder that affects a person's ability to move. Common motor symptoms include a tremor at rest, muscle stiffness, slowness of movement and postural instability. Additionally, people with Parkinson's often deal with depression, anxiety and cognitive decline. Pets can play a role in easing some of these symptoms through their need for interaction and their ability to engage with people.

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Joan Embery

Animal and environmental advocate

Joan Embery has served as a champion of environmental, conservation and preservation issues around the world, most notably as spokeswoman for the Zoological Society of San Diego. Her work has included hundreds of television shows as diverse as "The Tonight Show," with Johnny Carson and Jay Leno "CBS This Morning," PBS programs, "Mr. Rogers," "Entertainment Tonight" and her own syndicated series "Animal Express and "Animals of Africa."

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