To spay or not to spay… it really even a question?

Sally had an unplanned litter of puppies. At the time, she was a stray and just a pup herself. One day, someone saw Sally alone on the side of the road and brought her into the local shelter. We don't know for certain what became of her puppies, but it's safe to assume they probably experienced the same hardships that Sally did – either living on the streets, or ending up in a shelter. Sally's story epitomizes the problem of animal overpopulation.

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Add a Little Chicken Soup for the Soul to Your Life… Adopting a Pet.

Chicken Soup for the Soul was happy to help San Diego's Second Chance Dog Rescue this fall by donating 5,000 pounds of dog food. Everyone who adopted a dog went home with not only a fabulous new family member, but also a bag of dog food and a copy of the new bestseller, "Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Dog Did What?"

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FACE Tree of Life Mural

Honoring a Beloved Pet's Memory while Saving Lives.

Pets are family, and we want to provide them with a memorial that dignifies the special place they take in our hearts and lives. The FACE Foundation's Tree of Life mural gives pet owners this opportunity, while paying it forward to help local animals in need of critical care.

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What’s New at Lions, Tigers & Bears

...oh my!

Lions Tigers & Bears is a unique organization where people can learn about and view exotic animals you might not ever get to see up close. Lions, Tigers & Bears is a federally and state licensed non-profit rescue facility dedicated to providing a safe haven for unwanted and abused Big Cats, bears and other exotic animals. The facility is a no kill, no breed, no sell, rescue and educational facility that allows the animals in its care the opportunity to live out their lives in dignity in a caring and safe environment.

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Hula Bunnies

San Diego House Rabbit Society.

Bunnies, bunnies and more bunnies! Attendees visited craft booths with rabbit-themed gifts, vets who treat rabbits, bunny games, kids' corner, Lagomorph Lounge and more! All funds benefitted San Diego House Rabbit Society, dedicated to the rescue, spay/neuter and adoption of companion rabbits in San Diego County.

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Embracing trust in the face of uncertainty.

Sometimes, the smallest things fill up the most space in our hearts. This sentiment rings especially true for the staff and volunteers at San Diego Humane Society who have cared for sweet little Spike.

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San Diego’s FACE Foundation

Supporting Local Military Families.

"I am speechless. Words cannot express how appreciative we are for the help. I am a Marine Corps combat veteran; I do not know what I would have done without Face Foundation. Thank you so much for all the help. It means the world to me." –A FACE Grant Recipient

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A Safety Net for Animals

Imagine for a moment if, one day, you or a family member became ill, or suddenly lost your source of income. What would you do if you had to make the decision to feed yourself, or your dog? To purchase cat litter, or purchase medication?

We hope that no one must face these difficult decisions, but we also know that challenging times can befall any loving pet family. In these times, pet owners need somewhere to turn, and pets need a safety net to protect them.

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SeaWorld Blue World Project

SeaWorld recently announced a new, killer whale environment that will build on their legacy of providing state-of-the-art, innovative, homes for its animals, and will offer park guests unique and inspiring killer whale encounters for generations to come.

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Southwest Airlines Military Pets

Patriotism runs deep at Southwest Airlines, and they are proud of all those who serve, especially the Active Duty, Reservists and Veterans that are part of the Southwest Family. Southwest honors Veterans, the sacrifice these heroes make, and the unbreakable bond many soldiers have with their dog. In San Diego there are various organizations dedicated to assisting and enhancing the lives of our military heroes.

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