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The Foundation for Animal Care and Education (FACE) has saved the lives of over 1,600 beloved pets over the past ten years, and they aren’t close to slowing down. FACE is made possible by a passionate team of veterinarians and concerned citizens, who work tirelessly to save the lives of dogs, cats, rabbits, and other furry family members when their owners cannot afford medical treatment in emergency situations.

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What are Rabbits Really Like?

San Diego House Rabbit Society.

Are rabbits soft and fuzzy? Most definitely. Are rabbits as cuddly as they look? Not necessarily.

Is a rabbit more like a cat or a dog? Neither. A rabbit is like a rabbit. Are you expecting your rabbit to come running when called? They seldom do. However, having a carrot in hand may help. I have learned to call my rabbits out from under the bed about 10 minutes before I need them. They seem to show up "on time" this way.

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From Rescue to Recovery

San Diego Humane Society’s Special Response Team.

In early December, San Diego Humane Society’s Special Response Team rescued 78 dogs from a very sad hoarding situation in El Cajon. The team discovered these dogs living in horribly unsanitary conditions with dirt and feces piled up around them inside the house. Worse, most of the dogs had never been outside.

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Lending a Hand and a Heart to Pets of the Homeless

Foundation for Animal Care and Education (FACE).

According to Pets of the Homeless, five to ten percent of the roughly 9,000 homeless individuals in San Diego have pets. Like most animal lovers, pets provide homeless individuals with comfort and a sense of purpose, and many might be transitioning with their owner during a time of hardship. The Foundation for Animal Care and Education (FACE), a not-for-profit that provides financial assistance to pet owners who cannot afford emergency veterinary care, has recently launched a new homeless outreach initiative to connect homeless pet owners with veterinary resources.

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Paws For Thought

The Cat’s Meow.

7 Reasons Why Cat’s Meow.

Cats can make more than 100 vocal sounds and depending on the situation, they are capable of a much wider range of vocalizations than any other human pet. Have you ever wondered why cats meow? Well here are the top 7 reasons:

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Back to School Blues

San Diego Humane Society.

Back to School may be music to a parent’s ears, but it can be a tough adjustment for pets who have become used to long summer days of constant entertainment while the kids are home.

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Paws for Thought

Equine Therapy.

Horses are known for having the astonishing capacity to help heal the lives of adults and children who have suffered traumas. San Diego County offers various equine therapy ranches that are dedicated to helping heal. Whether you are seeking treatment of eating disorders, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, grief, mental health anxiety or something else, many options exist.

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Saved by Project Wildlife!

Boz, the Hooded Oriole.

When a young Hooded Oriole became unable to survive in the wild due to poor nutrition and a heavy parasite load, Project Wildlife, a program of San Diego Humane Society, intervened with the meticulous care needed to rehabilitate this local bird.

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Paws for Thought

Attention San Diego cat lovers!.

San Diego loves its cats and with so many that are looking to find a forever home, there are businesses and local non-profits who are being creative in promoting cat adoptions.

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